Clients / Gentlemen


DUBAI: A world traveller, handsome, sporty with a great attitude (50+): Kind-hearted, open minded, extrovert, very refined - a real citizen of the world. A family guy with international education, university degree / Harvard Business School. Fluent in 4 languages, loves art, antiques, decoration, wellness, travels and the beach life. Divorced with adult kids. Holds a top position in Dubai. Wishes to meet a gorgeous, sporty, natural, energetic and classy lady for creating a fantastic future together.

INDIA / SINGAPORE: A brilliant mind with a leading global business: Cosmopolitan, handsome, kind-hearted, self-made and focussed on growing a multinational company. A gentleman (35+) who values love, care and a positive thought process. Finance, golf, meditation, travels. He loves to explore the world, is open for a second home in the Gulf. Interested to meet a caring, trustworthy, sophisticated and educated woman with good communication skills. Beauty would be a plus.

DUBAI: “Nights in white satin…”: International lawyer (40+), a classic, serene, cosmopolitan and genuine gentleman, presenting style, high intelligence and a first-class appearance. Polyglot. Current affairs, politics, football, travelling, food & drink. Reserved and introverted, private and self-resilient. Good sense of humour, loyal and thoughtful. Ready to settle with a lady, elegant, articulate, adaptable with a global outlook and comfortable in any company.

KSA: “Ladies, I have the honour to present another top-leader:” A handsome, kind hearted, worldly top executive (52), with a zest for life and adventure. Internationally educated. University degrees. South East Asia, the Americas, the GCC. Highly intelligent with respect for values and gaining balance in his life. Christian. Polyglot. Outdoors lifestyle, architecture, arts, the beach, writing. Searching for a heartfelt connection with an attractive, adventurous lady.

KUWAIT / DUBAI / RIYADH: A prominent entrepreneur (33), handsome, distinguished with a brilliant mind. Upper crust. Polyglot. University degrees. Finance, technology, biohacking. Islamic values. Composure and empathy. Ready to settle with an outstanding female, highly intelligent, caring towards family and friends, eloquent, feminine with culinary skills.

USA / AUSTRALIA / NZ: A prominent personality in global economic affairs, entrepreneurship and intellectual research. A handsome, classic gentleman (60+), romantic, soft spoken, tolerant with a good sense of humour. Proud and humble at the same time. Living in style in CA, NZ, Fiji with ties to the UAE. Home life, museums, architecture, sailing, adventures, food and wine, the good life. A sophisticated and distinguished man and leader with an outstanding mindset, generous, warm-hearted, active, a rock in the sea. He is looking for a lady to complement him, who can fit into his life: Educated, with a kind heart, gentle, interested in world economy, ready to travel and family oriented, with a sweet, old-fashioned  world style, ethical and giving. She must be trustworthy, aware of the family legacy, caring with a social conscience. In short – quite a lady!

DUBAI / WEST COAST: An investor and entrepreneur (49) with a love for life. Handsome, sporty, easy going, cool and open-minded. Polyglot, international education, dual citizenship. Sophisticated interests, plus travelling, adventures, flying. Highly intelligent, a leader in his field of business. Muslim, with respect for his faith. Searching for a strong connection with a happy, kind-hearted woman, positive, stylish, independent with a bright brain.

DUBAI / EUROPE: Supreme class and distinctly distinguished: A personality in the fields of law: Internationally exposed, successful, handsome, tall, charming, a fantastic gentleman (40+). Generous and caring, traditional family values, but liberal with a curious mind. Six languages, Oxford educated. Classical music, world cultures, vintage cars, sailing, car racing. Searching for a lady with old school refinement, sophisticated, beautiful looks and manners, with passion for a cause or project, and not immune to explore non-traditional solutions in a balanced love relationship for life.

DUBAI: An entrepreneur and gentleman (55): Residing in a hidden gem for the select few and running a successful company. Spontaneous, kind and honest. Strong and cool. Two languages, university degree & a top tier business school. Arab roots and a Western outlook. Divorced with adult kids. He wants to enjoy a peaceful life with a well-cultured lady, down-to-earth, humble with a good sense of humour. Well-educated with a positive outlook. Respect for the Middle Eastern culture and tradition is a must.

LONDON: Like a modern day Mr. Darcy: A quintessential and charming English gentleman (40+), handsome with a cultured and sophisticated background. Dual citizenship. Residing in Chelsea in style. Multiple university degrees. Successful with drive and passion for his investment projects and his preferred sports: Polo, rugby, skiing, tennis, formula one. Outgoing with good manners, respect, kindness and emotional intelligence. Very well travelled, with a soft spot for Dubai. Ready to settle down with his forever sweetheart: Ambitious, professional, attractive with a good sense of humour and down-to-earth with a cool attitude.

PACIFIC COAST / AUSTRIA / GERMANY: Entrepreneur (55), attractive, manly with an outstanding personality, spiritual, world-traveller, open for a second home in Europe with the right woman, romantic, cultured, unattached, good values, fascinated by other countries & mentalities. He lives a life philosophy that will rise your spirits. A great opportunity for a great lady!

AUSTRIA / ITALY: Retired Industrialist (65), a charming "Curd Juergens" type, cultured, brilliant, smart, an impressive leader person, would welcome a beautiful blond lady to share love & life in a committed relationship or marriage. You will be smitten by his adorable mix of humour, determination, romanticism & loyalty!

MIDDLE EAST / EUROPE: Supreme class: A finest quality human & real gentleman (33), sovereign world citizen, attractive, sensitive, intelligent, a man of character & fine humour, excellent descent, an impressive personality, divorced. Seeks his lifemate - preferably from Germany - a once in a lifetime chance for the right lady! Venture new love with a very best one!

DUBAI / USA: Let yourself be carried away: Into a future of bliss! He (42) - an entrepreneur of international standing - an accomplished young gentleman, very good looking, sovereign, world-class with a winning laugh - a dream man with excellent reputation. He works a lot but he also enjoys life: He has the money, the assets & the imagination for an intensive, enriching and adventurous marriage on a sophisticated level with a young beauty who is in peace with herself.

GERMANY / AUSTRIA: Salzburg exclusive & simply captivating: A handsome, boyish, sympathetic businessman (41) with lots of charme, honesty, tenderness - a man with genetic nobility and classic values. A southern, dark type, fair, polite, manly & sensitive who enjoys a high lifestyle. Perfect for a natural, motivated, pretty and ambitious young woman - for a lifetime!

DENMARK: Top-Manager (64), a warm-hearted, tall, blond Scandinavian oak, very down-to-earth, sensual, open-minded, vigorous, young with a humour that inspires, a real "Northern experience" for an adventurous & sweet lady: He seeks marriage and faith, love & harmony.

DUBAI & THE REST of the WORLD: Young industrialist (35), a successful international entrepreneur, multinational, grown up in an international atmosphere with high ethical & moral values, a personality with sovereignty & sense of responsibility for others, at the same time a very romantic "big boy" with a charming smile that will sweep you off your feet - a strongly charismatic man- he wants to settle down with the lady of his heart: If you could be the "one" - the whole world would be your playground!

SAUDI ARABIA / DUBAI / EUROPE: Expect Excellence - notoriously! An outstanding "James Bond" type (43), vivacious, manly, charming, absolutely attractive. A brilliant entrepreneur with perfect manners, demanding, strong, elegant. A man for a sensual, beautiful, feminine woman! An intensive man & great personality - supreme class - seeking his soulmate for a luxury privacy known to most only from elite magazines. It could be the true love-story of your remaining life!

DUBAI / ABU DHABI: Unforgettable! Romance & the desert: The orient & the occident: A sensitive, refined gentleman & entrepreneur (40+), splendid appearance, style & warmth, sincere and passionately successful. He has impeccable integrity & precise understanding for an emotionally enriching & rewarding lifestyle: I assure you - you will be smitten by his adorable mix of wisdom, class, determinaton, romanticism & loyalty!

DUBAI: A worldly oriental businessman (45) - once in a lifetime chance: Devoted to a committed intensive loving relationship despite business - a sensitive, classy, caring, honest, calm and self-confident entrepreneur. Brilliant in his forties, an impressive leader person who knows that he will remain passionately engaged with his work while still enjoying the fun & adventure of his superb life. Excellent education & manners. A real gentleman! He seeks a sweet loving romantic lady..he believes that she exists...the question is = where? An excellent recommendation!

LONDON / MUMBAI / DUBAI: An oriental "dream prince" - your knight in shining armour - (40+) classy, attractive with a passion for life & business: A big time player who travels a lot & prefers the finer things in life. St. Tropez in summer, Aspen in winter, Mauritius in fall and Paris in springtime. Generous, well-established, reliable with an excellent behaviour - interested in meeting his outstanding lifemate: A pretty, smart, ambitious lady who has brains for business & a body for the pure sin.

DUBAI / SPAIN: A once in a lifetime chance: A classy American (50) with European roots & a global mind. An impressive leader person, born optimistic, tolerant & kind. Residing in Dubai with homes in Europe & an island in the Mediterranean sea. Very attractive, a manly male with depth & a sensitive side, world-travelled with a zest for culture & nature. An easy-going American businessman with international flair & energy who wants to settle down with the lady of his heart! An excellent recommendation!

MANAMA / DUBAI: “It should be the one true love”: An oriental gentleman (40+), caring, honest, reliable, resident in Bahrain, but travelling all over the Middle East.
Handsome, sporty, excellent education, an accomplished young man of substance and character who knows what he wants. Polite, easy-going, open-minded, a quick personality. He works a lot with a great sense of responsibility – but also enjoys life. Warm-hearted, financially stable. He would like to share everything with HER that makes life precious, enjoying all the good things together, every day for the rest of their lives. A top-recommendation!

AUSTRIA: A winning laugh: Sovereign, worldly-wise, well-travelled: A very kind, polite, sympathetic & smart gentleman (50+) with depth & sense for harmony. Well-established in Vienna with best social access. Education: University Vienna / medicine & psychology, various projects in London & Los Angeles (music production, film scripts, publishing), now successful in real estate. He is living a cultivated, busy life – a generous gentleman who has to offer a lot: A smart personality, lots of humour, financial security – “old school” manners – a taste of extravagancy. An excellent education for a living in the heart of Vienna!

GERMANY: German exceptional entrepreneur: A gentleman in his very best years (60), world-travelled, multilingual, university-degrees, with a winning laugh & a relaxed attitude towards life. Tolerant, reliable, faithful, loyal, "old school" manners with strong character. A man with passion for life & business. A sailing yacht in South of France & a wonderful skiing area in winter / Austria. Excellent cuisine & ambiente, the finer things in life. Sportive, calm, bounced, charming & masculine: For a lady over 40 with inner & outer beauty, feminine & self-confident, demanding but living up to equal demands. A kind gentleman with class & style!

USA: Vigorous early 50, splendid appearance, slim & athletic - a worldly businessman with oriental roots: Devoted to a committed loving relationship despite business – a sensitive, classy, caring, romantic, calm and self-confident entrepreneur. Very honest, a straight talker, no games, loves to laugh from his heart, enjoys watching people succeed & being happy before himself: A giving man. Excellent education (Business administration) and manners. Morals, values and decencies mean a lot in his life. Raised in a multi-cultural family & environment, has been living in Southern Switzerland & is now residing in the US/East Coast & travels the world for business. An excellent recommendation!

DUBAI: Pure gold with inner values: A successful top-manager – a gentleman in his very best years (60+): Sincere, witty, compassionate & intelligent. South African with New Zealand roots, now residing & working in Dubai. Outstanding career path in various management objectives. A well-balanced personality, a real man with perfect manners. Honest, faithful, reliable, humorous and kind-hearted. He frankly admits that life loses its “glory” without a woman who brings feminine gracefulness, laughter and beauty in it. A top-recommendation!

DUBAI / MUMBAI: Directly from Bollywood: An Indian mogul (45) – charming, refined, sensitive. Entrepreneur in Dubai & India, a self-made man & gentleman from tip to toe. Pending between the UAE and Mumbai. University degree. Attractive, full of energy, sincere, passionate. He wants to enjoy life with a beloved woman; a honest, emotional, responsible man – relaxed, generous and smart. An adorable mix of wisdom, class, style, determination and romanticism. A man who takes care of the future of his lady. An excellent education for a lady who likes to enjoy the finer things in life.

AUSTRIA: An elegant yacht at the French Riviera & an amazing social life in Vienna & Monte Carlo: Entrepreneur & Grand Seigneur (57), one of the leading businessmen in his metier - a person with "genetic nobility", and inspiring sense for life and seductive charme. His characteristics include the distinct intuition - that "divine talent" - which detects everything instantly. A warm-hearted, reliable and correct man with a decent heart & personality, excellent taste and human & mental substance. Always friendly, kind with best behaviour. Curious for life. Excellent lifestyle. A man with depth, a sovereign personality, focussed, relaxed and intelligent. He considers a privileged life in Vienna & France with travels around the world. Where is his lady?

GERMANY: "Fly me to the moon. Let me play amongst the other words: Hold my hand!" German entrepreneur (60+), elegant, smart, worldly, an "old school" gentleman is seeking his lady for a long-term adventure! "You are all I long for, all I worship and I adore!" She must be fluent in German, flexible, romantic, open for travels & nature! A real darling please!

DUBAI / KSA / NYC: An Arabian entrepreneur - a firework! Elegant, friendly, world-travelled. End 30s, classy, stylish, relaxed: He loves to enjoy the finer things in life! Seeking a glamorous lady for burning the candles on both ends! Pending between the UAE, Saudi Arabia & the USA. A handsome gentleman, full of energy, very focussed, sincere, passionate. Seeking a lifemate & girlfriend who is ready, willing & able to travel with him. Reliable, friendly, easy-going - a great gentleman!

AUSTRIA / Rest of EUROPE: A European entrepreneur: In his late 60's: Relaxed. Cool. Living in the countryside & enjoying business & an outstanding peace of mind. Ready to pursue a love for a lifetime with a smart, nature-loving woman. The mountains, the lakes, the wonderful landscape. World-travelled, nice, friendly, generous. He is a man without age - one of a kind. Grab him! She must be German spoken though!´

DELHI: Living like a Maharani - *par excellence* – with him: An Asian businessman (44) of the finest class – these magnificent men are simply fantastic! Distinguished, elegant, influental – a charismatic gentleman of the world. Strong family values, hard work & quality time with his beloved ones – happiness, highest social level, outstanding background – defines the world he is living in. A precious gem: Constant, strong, reliable and successful. He values love and the merits of a composed privacy, of lively family life and the affectionate interest of a truly great wife. Live with him a life full of bliss!

DUBAI: Another sheikh, another *oriental prince charming*: Educated, handsome, powerful with values and morals, in his late 30’s. World-travelled, successful, sophisticated with a kind heart. Ready for a committed relationship with an outstanding beauty. Life is full of adventures – go and live the dream!

DUBAI: The world is not enough: Driving his sportscar through the desert or dashing down the snowy mountains: A cool, relaxed, focussed gentleman (36), full of life, power and adventures. Australian, extra handsome, confident, well-balanced and in peace with himself. A healthy lifestyle, a nice home, the outdoors – he knows how to enjoy life and seeks his feminine, intelligent lady and partner in crime: Race with him „to the moon“.

ISTANBUL: Brazilian Salsa feeling mixed with American old-fashioned classic – a distinguished, hot-blooded but conservative, hopelessly romantic gentleman (36) and businessman. Ethics, values with a Victorian touch are important for him  - he crossed the planet and even „the centuries“ - and same he expects of his lady and future wife – a supportive, strong, attractive, accomplished woman with attitude – an explorer of life. He expects excellence!:-)

BEIRUT / LONDON: He is just fascination – and his finest compliment is an excellent marriage: Dynamic corporate lawyer and accomplished *jet-setter*, a world-citizen (36) and true gentleman, highly educated, polyglot, certainly the happiest person on earth, disarmingly seductive & attractive,  successful through passion and a constant flow of creativity and innovative ventures,  in search of an exciting, multi-faceted future wife, who discovers the world with him: Class, style and *en vogue* - only for the gifted ones who know how to celebrate life!

UAE: A hidden gemstone in the city of Abu Dhabi: A handsome gentleman (45) with youthful energy, kind, charming, sympathetic and warm-hearted – a man of class & values who knows exactly what he wants. Highly educated, perfectly connected. Outstanding human qualities plus for living his life to the fullest are remarkable for this gentleman – also romance, adventures, intellectual conversations lift his spirits. Just excellent!

NYC: A Manhattan Eye-Candy – literally: Prominent surgeon (40) and leading specialist in his field – first address in NYC – an elegant, refreshing, smart, multi-tasking gentleman, highly-educated, handsome, sporty, socialising, generous - is on the prowl for a crispy, slim, nurturing, charming, sensual, beautiful sweet-heart, preferably Eastern European model or similar type. A dream-life is ahead for the right lady. Grab him!

MARBELLA / SWITZERLAND: Nonchalance and a supreme class lifestyle:  A sports-and gentleman (45), sophisticated, elegant, highly educated, charming, loves to enjoy a cultured and  prestigious luxury life. Polyglot and world-travelled. Exceptional class from Central Europe – ready to settle down with a lady with substance and from equal descent. Just fantastic!

VIENNA: An „oldie but goldie“ – Austrian gentleman (80), residing in two cities, eccentric, lots of humour, flexible, tolerant, generous – is seeking his „golden girl“ to be the last love of his lifetime. No limits – he is financially well-off, open for every fun and interesting to support a fabulous caring lady. Amazing!

PORTO CERVO / CANNES: An Arab prince (47), a global investor and cosmocrat – an amazing yacht / a life between the Jet Set hotspots – what else can a lady expect? Certainly she must be a precious educated eye-candy from the finest, multilingual, la langue francaise is a must. He is a perfect gentleman, beyond all mediocrity with a vast soul, a preference for Europe and its culture. Ready for marriage with the right companion and soul mate: Plus ultra!

UAE: “Let’s admire the absolute splendor in our mysterious world“: A global citizen, a cosmocrat (35), a jet-setting business pro. A very handsome, cultured, perfectly educated gentleman with love for the finer things in life, a cross from Arab origin and Western education. Diplomatic background, raised in 5 different countries. Polyglott. Class as a moral attitude, a sense of humour, a curiosity for different cultures and travelling. Selective taste and responsibility for family bonds. Available for an elite lady who is able to challenge his intelligence and shares his noble structure & values.

VIENNA / KITZBÜHEL: You don’t need to „skydive“ like an Austrian but to ski!  A dynamic, sporty, energetic entrepreneur in his very best age (50+), who is well-established, down-to-earth, reliable, kind-hearted, friendly and easy-going, is seeking his lifemate for the next 50 years. Golf, the winter-sports, travelling to the finest hot-spots on earth, adventures, fun and living life to the fullest: An authentic, natural woman  - who knows what she wants and who is ready to settle down  - will be the lucky one***

AUSTRIA / VIENNA:  A headhunter (55) on the prowl: Today for his private „CEO“ – a warm-hearted lady, feminine, open-minded, sporty and energetic – a woman from tip to toe who knows how to catch the mind of such a creative and focussed gentleman. Resident in the countryside in one of the most pleasant areas of Austria. Travelling, the fine arts, culture – theatre, exhibitions, literature – and all this with a sporty, classy and stylish gentleman of integrity.

MUSCAT / DUBAI: *1001 nights* – Feel like Sheherazade: Discover the secrets of the orient with this dashing gentleman (43): Businessman, a sleek appearance, burning, wild eyes in a sympathetic face. Pending between Oman and the UAE. Ready to pamper, to love, to celebrate life – a tent in the desert, a palace in the moonlight, a deluding perfume, a life without tristesse* Get it on!

UNITED KINGDOM: A noble gentleman of excellence: A Scandinavian aristocrat in London (55), polyglot, world-travelled, Swiss education, refined lifestyle, a flawless career / management / consultancy / and highly-decorated in his achievements. Ready to fall in love with a beautiful woman of excellence - for a courtship first and marriage later.

DUBAI: Voilá! Another dashing Arabian gentleman and cosmocrat (35) who shakes and moves the Dubai sphere. An easy going and positive man who likes to explore life and its possibilities Excellent career, well educated, reliable, perfect manners. Ready to settle down with a smart, educated, kind-hearted lady of substance / with focus on a great future in Dubai.

FLORIDA: Humorously he defines himself as a rare species since obliged to class, values and an excellent style – young 68 – residing in one of the finest areas in Southern USA – a highly creative personality, native New Yorker, cultured and refined. Ready to settle down with a sweet and presentable lady who is able to compliment such a gentleman.

MONACO: For a privileged life: He – end 50s and Monte Carlo class from the finest, an Italian gentleman, an inspiring sense for life and a seductive charm, distinct intuition – that divine talent which detects everything instantly. He requires a very special woman with a brilliant personality, well-raised and unspoiled, not necessarily of wealthy origin but aware of classical values, ambitious and and able to meet high society standards with all obligations. He requests enthusiasm and adaptability.

BAHRAIN / AUSTRALIA: What shall I say about those handsome, classy, young Arabian knights in shining armor?? Just irresistable - yes - that's the right expression! A young Saudi (30) entrepreneur, self-made with charm, flair and world-travelled, ready to settle down with a beauty with brains and heart, respectful and open to meet his culture with tolerance. For marriage only!

DUBAI: A classic English gentleman (42) in Dubai: Excellent British etiquette, a cool lifestyle and fine humor sported by an outlandish representative of this endangered species: Decent, honest, well-meaning, good looking and on the prowl for his lady. He adopted some Gulf culture, loves the beach, enjoys fine lunches and wine tasting. Happy and successful: Ready to settle down with a fine female masterpiece, get married and tough it out.

VIENNA: Good old Austria offers *excellence* again: An energetic, sympathetic, wise Austrian entrepreneur (70) and gentleman, well-established, top level, charming, romantic, cultured: Sports, the nature, travelling, family life. Open for an intense new love: A lady with personality, smart, attractive and mature who is ready to commit.

BAHRAIN: Dear darling - I miss you! Bahraini bachelor (36), kind-hearted, decent and ready to settle down with a sweet, educated head turner, friend and partner-in-crime. University degree, music lover, movie freak and IT ninja – adventures and fun guaranteed. Family oriented, reliable with values and ready to commit. Go for him!

GERMANY: McDreamy with a dry humor: Medical doctor (60), excellently educated, tall, polyglot, cool and relaxed with a wild heart, loves motorbikes and vintage cars, is seeking his future soulmate with a distinguished personality, undomesticated and ready to pursue a new love for a lifetime.

AUSTRIA: Energetic, down-to-earth businessman, semi-retired (70), living in style in the countryside and in the city, brainy and witty, a fine human being with a good heart and soul. Global thinker, well-travelled, ready to pursue love with all consequences. Are you Mrs. Right??

SAN FRANCISCO / LONDON: Silicon Valley is a bubble of the best and brightest: Angel investor and entrepreneur (42), handsome, sporty, university degree, polyglot, leading an exciting life all over the planet, would like to invest his romantic private skills in a great successful relationship with a classy, passionate female personality, a woman from tip to toe with integrity, a wide range of interests and an inquisitive mind: NYC, London, San Francisco and the rest of the world!

SWITZERLAND: „My soul is in the sky“: Pilot by passion and entrepreneur by heart (44), European, masculine, sympathetic, special, very cool and easy-going. Polyglot with strong values, romantic and kind-hearted. A wonderful, distinguished gentleman who is eager to find a new love to create a delightful future with.

AUSTRIA: Drop-dead gorgeous Southern-Styrian bachelor (70), a youthful Gunter-Sachs type, retired businessman with flair, sporty and down-to-earth with fine humour, hungry for life, driving all regular sports cars, living in style and finally ready to settle down with his long-legged curvy dream-girl: He wants to “fall in love forever”. German spoken!

KSA: A wonderful, calm refined and handsome Arabian gentleman (39), world-travelled, sympathetic, a professional in medical field, with a peaceful aura and flair. Interested to settle down with his dreamgirl, a pretty BBW who is open to live between orient and occident. She shall be kind-hearted, smart and thinking outside the box.

SAUDI-ARABIA: "Where is my queen??" Saudi businessman, charming, tolerant, kind-hearted (50) is seeking his lady for the rest of his life. He is dreaming of a mature, slim and strong woman who knows how to establish a wonderful partnership in love, romance and style. Preferred in the KSA.

DUBAI: Angelika rubs Aladdin's magic lamp - and - Mashallah! A kind-hearted, easy-going, fantastic Sauci entrepreneur and world-traveller shows up. 50+, divorced, polyglot, protected and well-established, charming with a winning smile! Lots of humor, full of energy and curious to explore and discover the globe with his new lifemate! A dream-man for a cosmopolitan lady who is longing for a privileged life!

AUSTRIA: “Let’s take a walk on the wild side!” Residing in Salzburg, a retired businessman (65+) , down-to-earth, global-minded, sensual, sporty, intelligent and handsome: Seeking the last love of his life. She shall be understanding with some special kind of madness. Not for every woman but for the right one. Fun and adventures guaranteed.

QATAR: The desert - in the palace of winds, among the rumour of wells – breeds the most stunning men and he is one of them: A drop-dead gorgeous Arab gentleman (37), cultured, educated, university degrees, liberal, smart, into sports and martial arts, adopting an active and adventurous lifestyle. Seeking his soulmate, a fit and loyal woman, smart and open-minded, Christian preferred.

DUBAI: A drop-dead gorgeous entrepreneur with charming dark eyes (39) and a zest for life! Well-established in Dubai, childhood in Austria, a perfect mixture of European education and oriental heritage. Polyglot, smart, successful, reliable and with excellent character. Fascinating with class and mediterranean look – a well balanced personality and masculine appearance. Ready to settle down and focus on family life.

BAHRAIN / DUBAI: I am announcing the arrrival of a summer surprise package: Two amazing bachelors (35+), both handsome, financially stable and well-travelled, eager to meet a young woman to settle down with. Ladies, if you are pretty with values and interested to live with a warm Middle-Eastern man, get in touch please!

AUSTRIA: Fancy an artistic, cool, warm-hearted and sensitive lifemate? Well-established in Vienna (42), supportive, friendly, a free spirit with a domestic side and willing to focus on his woman. Painting, poetry, the fine arts and everything else that makes life a bliss. Grab him!

GERMANY: A blond, tall beau like Siegfried at the court of the Burgundians, (34) born in Russia, raised in Germany. A sales professional. Polyglot, sporty, well-travelled, tolerant, easy-going, helpful with a kind heart. A respectful gentleman who loves sun, beach and especially Dubai. Interested to settle down with a nice lady, honest, easy-going, who likes to laugh and to enjoy life to the fullest.

DUBAI: He is ready to rock your world! He (30) prefers jokes over confrontation, is a willing listener and caring. Headstrong and stubborn, but kind-hearted and full of joy of life!
Polyglot, well-travelled, smart with the edge-effect. Works hard but likes to enjoy his leisure time. Ready to settle down with the right lady.Tolerant Muslim. Loves his life in the Mid East. Grab him!

SAUDI-ARABIA: Oh these handsome Saudi bachelors: A dashing, sophisticated Arab gentleman (37) with class and a special twist. Excellent presentation, successful with a great lifestyle. Eager to find his soulmate, drop-dead serious and family oriented. Tolerant and open-minded. An excellent recommendation.

AUSTRIA: A fantastic Austrian businessman (50+), residing in one of the most charming areas in Salzburg. A youthful and energetic man, carrying the vibes of the Alps, relaxed, cool, excellent presentation with a sensitive side. Loves the nature, the good life, the arts, a very sympathetic man who is ready to settle down with an honest and charming lady. Polyglot. He is ready to rock a woman’s world.

VIENNA: A rare gem: A handsome businessman (50+), kind-hearted, sympathetic – a gentleman who is well-grounded, loyal, faithful, introverted. University degree. A quiet guy, single, no kids, successful. Seeking his queen, warm-hearted, curvacious, with a beautiful soul.

GERMANY: A globally successful yet down-to-earth entrepreneur (47), fit and handsome, sportive with charm, masculine, well balanced, representing the zeitgeist businessman, polyglot, from an excellent background, a good sense of humor, passion for life, reliable with focus on family and business. Ready to settle again with a cultured, educated lady with tolerance and respect.

Clients / Ladies


USA / FLORIDA: A former beauty queen: A true gem with Arab roots. A distinguished lady (28) with class and culture. Highly intelligent and absolutely beautiful in and outside. She knows who she is and what she expects from life. Tradition, modesty and dignity are part of her personality. A Muslima with morals and values, dedicated to her family, her future husband and performing her faith in the proper way. University degree / student. She loves to charm and be charmed. Ready to settle down with a successful gentleman, a man from the Gulf, to create a harmonious relationship for a lifetime.

POLAND / DUBAI:  A sophisticated, refined and genuine lady of radiant 30s, presenting a captivating personality plus simply everything: A distinguished international person and society member, outstandingly successful. European culture, etiquette, a superb reputation and curious about life. A polite lady, calm with a big heart. Loyal, independent, but ready for a shoulder to lean on. Ballet, the gym, sports, the fine arts, foreign cultures. Open-minded with a sense of humour. Beautiful. University degrees. Polyglot. Christian. With her as your wife, you would certainly attain supreme honors. A stable, wise, successful gentleman would be her preferred life companion.

DUBAI: Exploring Dubai and its wonders with a beautiful top-manager and business woman?? Here you go: Western European with international exposure (50), elegant with style, passionate, attractive, refined, smart and ambitious. Polyglot. The arts, travels, cars, Italian and Spanish culture. Strong family values, independent, successful. Tolerant if it comes to religion. Looking for a global-minded gentleman with a great attitude and a soft spot for Southern European culture. Kids are welcome. Romance, laughter and a profound connection of souls.

DUBAI: "Why do stars fall down from the sky every time you walk by?" A lady (30+) is seeking her gentleman. British elite education, polyglot, honest, feminine, liberal and funny. A sophisticated creature, lovely, beautiful, with a warm smile and an even warmer heart. Arts, travelling, horse back riding, motor sports. Muslima. he should blend into her world. Are you the one who wants to be close to her?

USA / EAST COAST: A refined beauty, elegant, sophisticated with grace and flair (30). An eye candy! American and Jordanian passport holder. Born and raised in the US. Ready to relocate for the right partner. She loves museums, interior design, art, reading, dancing, travelling. A feminine, intelligent and balanced woman, a lovely lady, who loves fun and prefers to be happy. A woman from tip to toe. Ready to meet a masculine yet understanding gentleman, relaxed, optimistic and positive.

SOUTHERN EUROPE: A rare combination of ravishing beauty, brains and success: A delicious model appearance (33) with international education, captivating with a unique flair, super polyglot, boundlessly joyful and energetic. Profoundly in love with life. Kind-hearted, romantic, passionate. Flexible, close to her family, smart, funny. Yoga, skiing, surfing, horseback riding, reading, a healthy lifestyle. Dignity comes first. Ready to meet her knight in shining armour.

FRANCE: A young lady with a fine personality (29): Pretty and kind-hearted, an eternal optimist, always believing in the goodness of tomorrow. Intelligent, raised in France with Muslim traditional values, with a deep appreciation for various cultures. University degree, holding a top position. Open to relocation and ready to prioritize home and family. An introverted lady with lots of energy and enthusiasm. A fantastic companion for a serious bachelor who is capable of pursuing a loving and respectful relationship. Polyglot. Yoga, cooking, painting, the piano. Her wish is a well-established life partner: Intelligent and humble, believing in God, open-minded with kindness, a gentleman who values family; an adventurous spirit and a good sense of humour are a plus. Open to any ethnicity.

DUBAI: Beautiful, creative, successful - a world citizen (34) with values and love for tradition. Polyglot with passion for artistic entrepreneurship, spiritual with an open mind. Educated in NYC, sporty, warm, sophisticated and family oriented. Interested to meet a cultured, well-travelled gentleman, open-minded, social and comfortable to be with this special lady.

SAUDI ARABIA / CANADA: Surround me with your love! A classic beauty (37), confident, elegant with class and sophistication. Resident in the KSA. Enjoying a top career, an impressive reputation, a wealthy background. Polyglot. Yoga, travelling, culture, history. Interested to meet a gentleman, Muslim, ready to settle; a loving romantic connection is her priority. 

ITALY: Pure Riviera Class! A winter fairy (38) – and the festive season is near: A refined and elegant blonde with white skin, green-light blue eyes, stunningly attractive with grace and inner beauty. University degree, polyglot, successful. Christian with a sense of humour. Interested to find a loving gentleman, tall, charming, a man of substance to share great aspects of life.

SAUDI ARABIA / LONDON: And she’ll promise you more than the Garden of Eden: Elegance, sophistication, charisma: A classic beauty (49). Living in style in the kingdom and ready to find love again. University degrees. Outgoing, friendly, social, independent, refined, loving and giving. Cosmopolitan with a global mindset, a true world citizen. Passionate about creativity in any form. Sunni Muslima. She would be delighted to settle with a man of substance and ready to concentrate on an affectionate and prospering relationship with a distinguished peer from any culture.

DUBAI: Simply captivating: Intelligence, beauty and faith: A sophisticated, elegant, romantic and absolutely fantastic European lady (40+), Muslima, with ethics and values, successful, polyglot, a traveller with a healthy lifestyle. Ready to meet her soulmate,  a handsome gentleman with strong morals, respectful towards religion and driven: For a serious alliance full of love.

LONDON: From Abu Dhabi to London: Lovely, pretty, confidently calm (28): A young woman, protected by her family, soothing with a wonderful personality, university degree, ambitious, friendly and dedicated to her work. Sports, reading, travelling, family time. Wishes to settle with a kind, ambitious and humorous gentleman with compassion, who might consider a life in London.

DUBAI: Like a sweet and gentle perfume: An optimistic dreamer, fun-loving, creative, adventurous, open-minded. A lovely and warm-hearted lady (39+), attractive inside and outside. Excellent family values. Responsible but also enchanting, charming, cultured and respectful. Spiritual. She holds a top job in Dubai with multiple awards in her field of work. You would meet a fantastic person, intelligent, who is stunning, cooperative with a positive outlook. Two languages. Painting, travelling, art, gardening, food and culture, wadi walks. Wishes to meet an educated and professionally settled gentleman who can become her best friend and who is ready to build a life with this ambitious woman.

GERMANY: Beautiful model and bank executive (40), raised in Switzerland with oriental roots, classy, stylish, tall, multilingual, a hot blonde with elegance & grace: A warm-hearted person with energy and sensuality. She is seeking her soulmate; a quiet & noble man with an international lifestyle.

DUBAI / GERMANY: A young, sweet & classy beauty (27), a radiantly feminine woman, cheerful, vivacious with a bright temperament. Model & student, flexible & easy-going with international flair. Educated, cultivated with an elegant appearance and exquisite taste. Multilingual. A fantastic charming nature who likes to travel, sporty and warm-hearted: She gives absolute priority to share her life with the right partner - preferably from the Middle East.

GERMANY / LONDON: A very different young lady: Model & journalist (30) - she has been living in London and California - now back to Germany. Multilingual and world-traveled. A purely feminine & gentle woman - she is representing European culture and a refined behaviour. Excellent background. A young lady with an open horizon, really motivated and willing to pursue a new "love-discovery" and marriage on an excellent level.

GERMANY / DUBAI: An irresistibly beautiful, stunning young lady (25) - an exquisite, radiant creature - model & student. Multilingual, slim, sporty with long legs, blonde hair and class. She has sex-appeal and is complete ladylike, a "happy-go-lucky". Passionate with uncomplicated affectionate nature: Truly a "gem"! A worldly man would find unexpected happiness through this fascinating personality!

NEW YORK CITY: As a "man of the world" you need not only the very best matchmaker, you need the very best image consultant too: And if you are smart you marry her: And irresistible & fantastic beauty (34), elegant, European, an eye-candy with style, extremely attractive, everyone of your friends would be green in envy. As I mentioned above: For a worldly gentleman only!

AUSTRIA / USA: Portrait of a lady: American class & beauty (35) - fire under the ice - a cultivated, refined, sophisticated and soothing woman, graceful, feminine and elegant. She loves Austria, she adores Vienna and will stay there forever - seeking a noble gentleman with values & substance - who is "special" enough to be the man at her side: Intelligence, harmony, love and a fairy tale in Austria would be his "harvest on Thanksgiving"!

NEW YORK CITY: English top-class (36), a fantastic charming & well-established lady with excellent contacts in the US society, attractive, sophisticated with business talents, presenting in every aspect finest style, selected taste and profound knowledge. A natural beauty with an international lifestyle - an outstanding personality. You should not hesitate: She is one in a million!

LOS ANGELES: California - The beautiful! And the ladies too: Expect excellence - and you will get it! A simply beautiful model & entrepreneur (45), clean-cut with long blond hair, a toned body and smart brains. Pretty, laid-back, honest, faithful, classy - a natural beauty with international flair, a "healthy" & energetic radiance, sporty, great to be with, hugely captivating and ready for a committed relationship or marriage with a worldly & honest gentleman who loves nature, a healthy lifestyle & a fantastic home - in Europe, the US or the UAE.

DUBAI: It is Fascination: Beauty, Brightness & a Heart of Gold! A refined, attractive, radiant lady (39) with international flair & a captivating personality. Raised & education abroad, now well-established in the UAE with a top-job. Purely feminine, gentle, nice - her human qualifications are made for trust & loyalty. A lady with an open horizon, sensual, thrilling and willing to pursue new love and harmony on an excellent level: Are you the gentleman of class & honour who would bring some "red roses for a blue lady" to win her heart?

DUBAI: The lady could be the lifemate of your dreams (30): Attractive, smart & one of a kind: She loves life, is full of it, energetic, impulsive, straightforward, very active, lots of humour – a woman from tip to toe with brains & wit. Muslim, living & working in Dubai; multilingual. She is passionate, kind, adventurous, spontanous and unique. Interested in a committed relationship or marriage. She would love to share beautiful moments and appreciates the support in case of a downfall. An outstanding woman with lots of love to give!

MONACO & FRENCH RIVIERA: Pure Monte Carlo class & très charmante: An impressive blonde (40), businesswoman, widow from a Swiss gentleman, finest class & simply beautiful. Multilingual, university-graduate, a refreshing personality with jet set access, warm-hearted, tolerant, adventurous, cosmopolitan. Member of the European society with an outstanding circle of friends. A sophisticated lady for a worldly gentleman!

SWITZERLAND: Delicious like white Swiss chocolate: A pretty, classy & sweet Swiss sunshine (25), long blond hair, blue eyes, a romantic young lady from an excellent family. Educated, multilingual, ambitious & smart. Natural with moral & values. Seeking a mature gentleman with high ethical values and a sophisticated lifestyle. For long-term relationship or marriage only!

LONDON: Splendid! Amazing model-type & supreme class beauty (30): Sparkling green eyes - a radiant, hugely charming Eastern-European lady from excellent background, raised in St. Petersburg, now residing in London. Well-travelled & open-minded, creative, elegant, feminine with intelligence. This outstanding beauty is seeking happiness & love in settling down with a world-class gentleman.

ABU DHABI: Like a warm summer breeze: An oriental beauty (26) - a "very different" lady with outstanding qualities. Sophisticated, very graceful, model appearance - from a traditional first-class middle-eastern family with international reputation - superbly educated, multilingual, although surrounded by an obvious dream-world she proves to be realistic, down-to-earth, nurturing, considerate, kind-hearted. Presenting an impressive sense of responsibility - but also most enchanting, pursuasive charme. For marriage only - on the reliable basis of trust & complementing creativity where satisfaction meets happiness.

DUBAI: May I introduce? Like a picture of an exhibition: Mona Lisa (30+) - a refined beauty in Dubai - a lady from tip to toe - her mystic smile tempts a lover & future husband. She is warm & real, balanced & well-rounded - a woman of substance - in her veins the serenity of a spirited land. Has lived & worked in several countries, excellent education, multilingual, financially secure, curious about life and its offers - new places, new experiences, new challenges - but with harmony please! A masculine man with emotional maturity, stability & education will be the winner.

DUBAI: A "bombshell" - an outstanding oriental "Sophia Loren" beauty (40) - classy, sporty with elegance, open-minded and curious. Interested in everything that life has to offer. Very down-to-earth, honest and charming, good family / background, resident in the UAE. An absolute eye-catcher, feminine, sensual, a woman from tip to toe with international flair and a cosmopolitan touch. She is content & relaxed with her life but would be delighted if she finds a good lifemate - preferably businessman or manager - a strong & polite man who is open for marriage. An excellent recommendation!

DUBAI: The class of "Good old Hollywood": She has glamour - she has grace (41). European, slender figure & feminine elegance with long blond hair & tender green eyes - a dream woman of international standing - she personifies European culture, style & feminity with esprit and charme. With "one foot" in the USA & a worldwide circle of friends, a woman with the certain "je ne sais quoi", multilingual, she would prefer to be there "just for him"..sunny days, a great mood, a rare perfume & passion for life.

DUBAI: My sugarsweet – my candygirl! A wonderful happy-go-lucky darling (29) with long blond hair, romantic, a hot European/Asian mixture with a sensitive touch. A straightforward, smart lady with international flair. A stunning beauty who loves life: Cheerful, vivacious with a bright temperament. In love with Dubai because of the sun & the lifestyle. A graceful , feminine & elegant appearance – with lots of sweetness. Interested in a longterm relationship or marriage with a supportive gentleman. A young sophisticated lady, tender and warm-hearted who wants to share great aspects of life with the right partner, based on love and trust. An excellent recommendation!

AUSTRIA: She will enchant mind & heart: A very charming, intelligent, elegant & distinctive lady (50) with class & style - a woman who impresses with intelligence and warmth. Comprehensive training / university and a great carreer (CEO) characterize this personality. She is very well able to convey the feeling of security and a feel-good factor. Strong, balanced, curious, affectionate but also cuddly and sensual. A fascinating mix of a lady and a career woman, well-established, relaxed and grown to generosity in thought and action: an esthete with depth and suble humour. Flexible and independent - an absolute top recommendation!

LONDON: Mediterranean flair from Milano & a striking beauty (45): She has “Monaco” class and is simply an exquisite, radiant lady. An elegant woman presenting purely feminine sophistication and catching everyone’s eye. A slender, very graceful, model appearance. Educated, curious, smart. Witty and fun with a great sense of humour. Traditional with high moral values & openminded at the same time. A splendid, refreshing woman and experienced manager with an excellent reputation. She is completely unattached despite of her work, willing to relocate and concentrate on an affectionate and prospering relationship with a distinguished world-citizen.

DUBAI: Dubai summer feeling & like a "bridge over troubled water" - a sweet & pretty "brain" and woman (39) from tip to toe. Excellent education, now residing & working in Dubai in a top-position. A special combination of a feminine, relaxed lady and a smart career woman. She is straight-forward, honest and loyal. Trustworthy and reliable. Quiet sometimes but full of energy at other times. Outgoing, funny and kind-hearted. A very sweet woman to build the future with - sensual, loving and open for an everlasting love with the man of her dreams! An excellent recommendation - memories are made of this!

DUBAI: Stardust! Big brown eyes! Dream women (35) are made in heaven – and some of them you can find on earth – if you are lucky! Eastern heritage & Western Elite education: Brains, class & beauty on a top-level! A soothing, free spirited, laid back, giving, smart & honest lady; supportive, ambitious, even tempered, kind and sweet: Cultured with university degree. Now working & residing in Dubai. A woman from tip to toe, distinguished, cosmopolitan, flexible & instantly captivating due to intelligence and joy for life! An excellent recommendation - she is one of the very best!

DUBAI / LONDON / NYC: Killing me softly: And a high society calypso! A dynamic lady, multilingual, a striking beauty (38) with warmth & sweetness - balanced & well-rounded, spontaneous & cheerful. Smart, confident. University degree, holding a top-position in Dubai. Seeking her soulmate & playmate and ready to be worshipped as a wife and a woman. If you wish to be complemented, inspired & entertained by a woman who knows the rules of happiness - she is the one. Flexible - a brilliant co-partner in marriage!

DUBAI / LONDON: Fancy a glamorous British lady with some oriental spice? In her early 30s, university degree, loving & domesticated, a wild cat with a soft purring. Attractive. A lady from tip to toe - with style and a natural charme: A happy person who brings joy & thrill into others' life. A woman of noblesse! The ideal partner for a cultured man of character with ethical values, whose deep feelings and concerns she reflects. For serious intentions only!

TEXAS: A Texas love story: Class, passion & eyes burning like fire: Let's ride together into the rainbow! Meet this wonderful & pretty American sweetheart, sensual, smart, caring, down-to-earth, always looking on the bright side of life! End 30's, sporty, elegant, warm-hearted and open for a relocation to Europe or some other nice place abroad. A fashionista and businesswoman. Excellent!

IRELAND / DUBAI: A snow white: Sparkling dark hair & white porcelain skin (40+) - like a hidden treasure collected by Marco Polo in Samarkand - charming, warm, energetic, bright with European twist & culture - promising a wonderful fairytale to a man with substance. Vibrant, classy, stylish with natural elegance. Interested to meet a gentleman with high qualities, intelligent, reliable, world-wise. Imagine the possibilites...!

AUSTRIA: A healing soul: A lovely, charming, lovable and very friendly lady (39) with a youthful flair. Sensual with a natural style, charming and romantic. Down to earth, sensible, caring, lively, honest, attentive. Energetic healer. Lives in a dreamlike ambience / own house in the countryside: Kids and family focussed - a woman through and through: An excellent recommendation for a man who knows what he wants and appreciates a (second) home in nature!

AUSTRIA / VIENNA: Fancy the classic charming world-famous Opera Ball? Maybe with a gracious, sweet, smart blonde Austrian (38) – made for a lifetime lasting love in a dream city? If yes – get yourself together, be a gentleman with a bunch of red roses, and dive into this winter-wonderland dream for a romantic journey! Excellent education, top-job in private banking, a great personality.
She is pretty, she is outstanding, she is simply – sweet! No games, please be serious!

CANADA: Matchmaker to the Stars**: Directly from the movie industry: Young actress (35) with international background, university degree, mixture of orient & occident, a fantastic beauty with demands. So – Sir – if you are ready for the *Famous & Beautiful* – this is your chance to complement a wonderful lady!

GERMANY: A sensual blonde with energy & brains: „The first meeting was short, but there was a chemistry between them, dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, live like it’s heaven on earth.“ Attractive German (50), stunning and sweet, seeks handsome, financially secure partner for a lifetime. A feminine, cultured, highly educated lady who knows how to handle a real gentleman.

BEVERLY HILLS: „As good as it gets“ – Classy, distinguished beauty,  actress and producer (33), European, university degree, polyglot, an absolutely stunning lady with a positive and optimistic outlook, excellent background & brought up with old values. A perfect combination of an impressing, sensual woman and a focussed personality in business. A top-hit for an assertive gentleman who is ready to go through life with character and „the unbearable lightness of being“.

MONACO: A distinctly distinguished, attractive brunette, excellent Monte Carlo class (38), accomplished, perfectly connected, dynamic. Very selective taste, seductive, a woman through and through, multilingual, cherishing European heritage and values. Seeking harmony and the love of her lifetime – a truly fine man who is ready to settle down!

USA: Imagine to be in love with a *masterpiece* – are you the chosen one?? Young American show-star with a respectable career (25), an accomplished professional who knows her way of life, a well-known pop-singer, actress and producer. A seaside residence, a sunny day, endless harmony with a honest, beautiful, intelligent and focussed young lady. Step behind the velvet rope!

AUSTRIA: Ebony hair & Ivory skin – in perfect harmony! International businesslady (50+), Austrian with Eastern-European roots, world-travelled, dangerously attractive with a figure like a top-model, distinguished, smart, supportive, a woman from tip to toe, is ready to take a walk on the calm side: Settling down with a worldly businessman or entrepreneur – her wish should be your demand!

PARIS: Bonjour Paris & le chic francais: A pretty, cute, charming young lady (25) – a beauty consultant, working for one of the prestigious fashion labels – funny, honest, loyal and full of energy, open for a committed relationship with a worldly gentleman –  L'amour est un rêve à deux..

DUBAI / Rest of the WORLD: Imagine: Somewhere in paradise and looking into these mesmerizing big brown eyes! She (41) loves to travel, has an international career and moved to Dubai recently. A beauty with Asian heritage, a sweet-heart you want to protect from the evil of the world. Perfectly educated, university degree, mentally strong, independent, but seeking a shoulder to dream on. A woman from tip to toe seeking her perfect match - a sophisticated, loyal gentleman with values. Romance and passion, the beach, the cities, the finer things in life – but above all – just LOVE for a lifetime!

LONDON / DUBAI / MONACO: Splendid appearance, warmth & style: For a true love story – a gem (33) that would complement a real gentleman from an excellent family. She is from supreme class, well protected, distinguished, modest, smart, balanced and confident. A great mixture of Asian and Western culture. The family holds several residences in Europe and Asia. A wonderful feminine personality, easy-going, kind-hearted, ambitious, adventurous, from finest culture and still curious about life. An outstanding young lady – a perfect life companion for one of the very best bachelors.

INDIA: The magic of Jaipur: Gift yourself your own piece of incredible India with this charming, beautiful, sweet lady (44) – an entrepreneurial spirit from one of the famous families – big brown eyes, highly educated, creative, smart & loving –a wonderful, warm and energetic woman who will complement a gentleman with values in every part of this world.

SWITZERLAND: The White Turf in St. Moritz, The Dolder Grand in Zürich & a lady (36): Intelligent, graceful, pretty, witty, educated with a top-job in finance. Living a Swiss quality lifestyle, polyglot, US citizenship, European roots & ready to meet her dream-mate for settling down with him in the heart of Europe.

GERMANY / BAVARIA: For the traditional, clever, well-grounded „connaisseur“: An attractive, warm, refined (55) and energetic countrylady, highly educated with emotional intelligence, a blonde with blue eyes, well-off, perfectly established, worldwide connected. The nature and hunting, the mountains and skiing, golf and traveling, all this in a fine circle of selected friends. Sir – would you like to join her for a lifetime partnership / marriage?

ABU DHABI / GERMANY: Love Love me do! A young, witty, pretty and smart German lady (24),  ambitious and adventurous, not only dreaming her life but living her dream, dynamic, excellent European values, representing integrity, selective taste and responsibility for family bonds. Ready to settle down with a great gentleman who knows how to challenge her brains and who shares her goals and values.

LONDON: A radiant creature of supreme class: Young (23) Muslima of untouchable beauty and integrity. Indian heritage, raised in London, a kind and generous young woman with a big heart. Student. World-travelled. Her warmth and virtues will impress a man of similar descent – what you see is what you get. Open for the long run with her future soulmate – through thick and thin. An excellent option for an amazing gentleman.

DUBAI: If you EVER saw her! You'd go wild..A Honey-blond, cute, smart lady (28), British with Arab genes, passionate, pretty, outgoing, trilingual and cultured. Nobody wants to be lonley - so skip the depressive mood and get yourself together for this happy-go-lucky Senorita! Adios and kiss your blues goodbye!

AUSTRIA: Vienna at it‘s best: Be prepared to meet a young elegant actress / synchronous speaker / an energetic, tolerant, curious and charming young woman (23) with Austrian sweetness and European smartness, who loves the fine arts, culture, theatre. She has self-esteem and delivers warmth and substance provided by a good heritage and family. Completely lady-like and remarkable. Polyglot. Presentable. For marriage only!

USA / EAST COAST: An American princess on board of this dream-liner: A blond, cute beauty (23), model-type with outstanding features, ready to rock your world! She likes being social, dinners, dancing, events, philanthropic causes and traveling: A smart, educated, down-to-earth, loving, caring and honest personality. A beauty for a dashing gentleman who can be a rock in the rough sea.

FRANCE: Je vois *la vie en rose*: Elle l’á! A pretty, kind-hearted, sincere and easy-going Elle (43), residing in the countryside near Paris, a paradise pour l’amour! Raised abroad, well-travelled with university degree, polyglot and très charmante, warm-hearted and passionate. Still a girl, shy with good values.
Ready to meet a special man, to have a beautiful romance where she will feel desired, loved and less alone in life, a love-story that shall last.

LONDON: What a beauty: She is pure glitz & glamour, 30 long-legged years on finest high-heels, a breath-taking creature that knocks the most selective gentleman off his feet. A long-haired brunette with a feminine slim figure, charming and  genuinely warm hearted, honest, friendly, vivacious and caring. Student with experience in International brand management. Sir – get yourself going: Experience the magic!

SCANDINAVIA: A refined, blond sunshine (26), smart, cultured, educated, polyglott and successful. A beautiful girl with attitude and focussed on the important things in life. Easy going, an eye-candy from the finest, the perfect compliment for an accomplished gentleman. Fashion, business, travelling, sports and her own family with kids. The future is bright!

DUBAI / LONDON: A lovely, lovely, beautiful British (35) young woman, lady and girl at the same time – very energetic, ambitious, smart and full of life. A happy person, generous, accomplished with top-job in Dubai, thoughtful, fun to be with, excellent life-style, considerate, emotional, noble and welcoming, a woman to create a wonderful life with. Her positive attitude, warmth and spirit will take your breath away! A pure and fresh young woman, blessed with all talents that will make a marriage successful!

AUSTRIA / GERMANY: From Russia with love: If you happen to surprise with „ James Bond“ qualities like class, sophistication, cosmopolitan touch, warmth and the right atttitude, you might be the perfect soul-mate for this pretty, charming, graceful, feminine, captivating European (45) businesslady. She is accomplished, elegant, tender and non-flashy. She enjoys the finest places in Austria and Germany and is ready to set up a new life with a protective, loyal gentleman.

GERMANY: The mountains and the sea, the golf courses, history and old castles: Riding a bike or a classic car: This lady (53) is a connaisseur. A beautiful blonde with substance, financially stable with an interesting engagement in life, art lover, lots of humor but also deep and natural. Looking for a gentleman who is able to fit her requirements. Flow of energy and positive vibes!

ROME: La Bella Italia: A classic Italian beauty (33), long dark hair, well-styled. Deadly passionate and hopeless romantic: A woman per se from tip to toe with confidence and excellent posture. Sweet, thoughtful and caring. Bilingual with university degree.  Perfect for a mature gentleman who knows how to treat such a jewel: A protective, family-oriented, caring and warm-hearted personality for „un amore per la vita“!

UK / AUSTRIA: A white flamingo: Fly beyond...She is made with Russian genes, German education and cosmopolitan spirit. Add blond curly hair, a beautiful face, finest skin and a pretty figure. And you'll get an eye candy of world class (32). Ambition in a charming, nice, feminine personality, perseverant but flexible. A woman from tip to toe with sparkle in her eyes and a genuine warmth. University degree, studies in Russia & Austria, fond of Europe and ready to relocate. Christian. She loves life and would like to share love and a great future with an eligible man.

GCC / ARABIAN GULF:  La joie de vivre: A beautiful mind that comes with a petite, pretty lady: An excellent mixture (38) of heritage, brains, elegance, substance and spiritual depth. Eastern-European roots, American education, various academic studies and degrees. She wants to make life amazing in every minute and form, spiritual, emotional, visual and sensory, culitvating a positive and active attitude to life. Top position in the Gulf. She craves for a loving relationship with a masculine leading partner – a protective man who knows how to handle a cultured, accomplished yet warm and giving woman from tip to toe.

VIENNA / AUSTRIA: A Bohemian Rhapsody: „Is this the real life, is this just fantasy??“ Enchanting, cute and pretty artist (50) with excellent career, well-known and lovely. Easy-going and adventurous, creative and down-to-earth at the same time, distinguished and stunning. Traveling all over the planet, literature, music and classic cars On the outlook for a special personality, a strong man with character, joyous with zest for life.

EUROPE and THE 7 SEAS: „I don’t know where He can be??“ She has been around the world, 50 countries  on cruise liners.  A distinguished, attractive lady (48), nice and warm, elegant and calm, cheerful and sunny, amazed by nature and beauty: The sunset over the sea, the rainbow over the valley, the waterfalls in the mountains, the greenery of islands, the glaciers in Alaska, the rice paddies in Bali. University degree, polyglot, a woman with principles and values. Back to her European home country, enjoying a family life and ready to settle down with Mr. Right, a man with strong character who loves nature, travels and romance.

DUBAI: Tamally ma’ak: My heart & soul shall always be with you: Honey-blond, a sweet face surrounded by curly hair, young at heart (30), sensitive but ambitious and perfectly established. A young woman, polyglot, well-travelled, a great career. Horse riding, sky diving, family and friends. Ready to settle down with a great gentleman.

NEW CAIRO / DUBAI:  These mesmerizing dark eyes in a pretty face:  The sweet soul is shining through them. An honest, sensitive, attractive lady (38), a successful and highly educated business professional with global experience. University degree. Polyglot. She loves sweet surprises, her culture and family. Interested to meet a caring and kind gentleman who is ready to commit, his heart full of love, strong, reliable and respectful: Are you her soulmate whom she will cherish, love and respect for the rest of her life?

CENTRAL ASIA / EUROPE: A classic beauty: Ebony hair and ivory skin (36) . A distinguished lady, creative, spirited, spontaneous, an achiever with wanderlust, a lost romantic to the core. Polyglot, holding a top-position, a traveller and world-explorer by heart. Poetry, the arts, beauty in every aspect. Ready to settle down with a successful, international gentleman of the world, active, generous and passionate about life and business.

DUBAI: Sophistication, the cool and a fresh breeze of luxury: An attractive, lovely, graceful and feminine woman (40+), with a sense of humor, a successful professional, well-established and optimistic towards life. She sports a most refreshing natural and easy-going attitude and lifestyle, always prepared for new adventures and goals. Sports, animal lover, happy in the Mid East but ready to move for her man!

NYC: May I introduce? A lovely fashion professional and innovative lady (39) of graceful, feminine appearance, an esteemed society member presenting a most refreshing and wonderfully natural behaviour, caring, understanding and giving, with a sense of humor and well-mannered. She loves art, travelling and social activities. Ready to open her heart to a loving gentleman who wants to become her soul- and lifemate with all consequences.

GERMANY: A beauty like a Greek goddess: A gorgeous young woman (33) like a fairy with dark eyes and white skin. Excellent background, brilliant childhood, dedicated and spoilt with love by her parents. The family is very well established in Germany and the US / East Coast. University degree. A warm woman with intelligence, sophisticated with flair and a special aura. Sensitive with long legs, an extremely feminine appearance with something “mysterious” that will meet a real man’s expectations.

BUDAPEST / DUBAI: Hungary and its beautiful daughters: A stunning blond, charming and feminine lady (40+), spiritual, sensitive, longing for harmony in all aspects of life. Polyglot with a successful career. The fine arts, design and beauty shall fullfil every day of her world. Open to meet an influental man with character, a traveller and true soulmate.

ITALY: Summertime - and the living is easy! Take your fairway to heaven with this Mediterranean princess (34), sensitive with a healthy lifestyle, optimistic with family values. A bright beautiful face, long dark hair, totally uncomplicated and kind-hearted. A child of the Italian countryside, a young woman who runs the business of her family. History, nature, travelling, animals. The simple life, good cuisine, a great life companion: The famous Italian lifestyle!

GERMANY: A natural lady (50+) for the traditional, intelligent connoisseur: Attractive with fine features, a heart full of warmth, highly educated (including emotional intelligence), eloquent and humorous. Well established and successful. Living in a marvelous ambience in Bavaria with estates overseas, she cultivates the best social circles and considers her life a gift. This woman is defined by a positive attitude towards life and success. A strong and yet tender darling and companion who seeks a reliable shoulder to lean on and a family life with all consequences.

DUBAI: Do you feel attracted to something “mysterious” in a woman?? This young successful beauty (33), a fantastic breathtaking creature with feminine radiance, will definitely meet your expectations. Romantic, sensitive, curious, highly accomplished with values, a good heart, family oriented and ready to meet her dream prince for a wonderful and endless love: The perfect woman for a successful gentleman.

DUBAI: A dream of a rare desert rose - only in Dubai (34): A pretty lady, a sweet face, a kind-hearted and easy-going personality, noble, decent and charming with excellent education. European with Arab roots. Polyglot. Successful, well-settled, global-minded and ready to settle down with a good-hearted Muslim gentleman.

ABU DHABI: This girl! Sparkling with positive vibes, pretty, uncomplicated, a beautiful soul (30) in a toned body with a sweet face. Polyglot, Western with Arab heritage. Successful. She loves to laugh, energetic and creative, university degrees, sporty, smart, full of life. Seeking her worldly lifemate with a big heart.

VENICE / ITALY: Love and romance in the city of dreams: A wonderful, warm-hearted lady with inner and outer beauty (47), a queen, understanding and successful with her own business. Excellent education, polyglot, a worldly lady with passion and savoir-vivre, seeking an open-minded gentleman with attitude, strong, with a shoulder to lean on – forever!

MARBELLA: The enchanting Costa del Sol still rocks and so do its fantastic residents: A charming, refined and attractive lady – like a warm summer breeze. Polyglot, a citizen of the world (40+), open-minded and relaxed, a happy person who enjoys her wonderful life. Sports, new adventures, art galleries, broadway plays, music and a good book from time to time. She would like to welcome a man in her life who enjoys laughter, the arts, travelling and a committed relationship.

DUBAI: Oh these mesmerizing dark eyes! A sophisticated beauty – very graceful! A refined lady (40+) with integrity and substance. First class European education and noble oriental heritage. Model appearance. Polyglot. Multi-cultural, generous, warm, calm, successful.Loves life. Elegant. Compassionate. An amazing option for a worldly gentleman. For a world of emotions.

DUBAI: Romance, passion and loyalty: A very warm, pretty and sensual lady (45) with values and a zest for family life. Spontanous, caring, a woman from tip to toe. University degree, top job, distinguished and a classic beauty. Ready to pursue a new love for a lifetime. An excellent recommendation!

GERMANY: A stunning, blond, blue-eyed charming and feminine "Marilyn-Monroe“ type (36), honest, ambitious and lovely. Loyal with excellent taste, emotional intelligence and warm-hearted. University degree, polyglot, residing in Southern Germany but flexible. Optimistic with lots of humor and easy-going. Travelling, wellness, sports. Where is her true gentleman with a good attitude and a big heart??

DUBAI: A unique, beautiful and feminine Emirati lady (40) with warmth and grace. Western upbrining and education, university degree. UAE resident, smart with original humor, firm in two cultures and holding a top job. Tolerant and ready to find new love with a global-minded gentleman who shall be the light of her future.

AUSTRIA: The very best of Austria: A blond beauty with green eyes (47), a lovely creature belonging to the elite, a prominent lady, polyglot, with a bright and charming character, a good heart and very down-to-earth. A graceful model appearance with passion, sporty and cultured; she would be delighted to find romance and love with a sophisticated gentleman, German spoken preferred.

DUBAI: Gems are not easy to find, but voilà! A cute, pretty, decent and excellently educated lady (36), beautiful inside and outside. Residing in style in Dubai, big brown eyes, a fantastic career, empathetic, supportive, honest and loyal. European with an oriental touch. Polyglot. Seeking her soulmate, a gentleman, a good heart and a bright soul.

FLORIDA / ASIA: Sparkling green eyes! The cutest, most charming and pretty mature lady (65) you could ever imagine! Just back from the US and ready to start all over! Polyglot, university degree, global-minded, widow, natural, kind-hearted, caring, adaptive. A quiet evening, a glass of wine, some light music or a walk on the beach, hand in hand. Seeking a good companion with a sense of humor and caring. A steady love is her goal.

ITALY / ROME: Are you her prince charming? She has porcelain white skin, expressive eyes and wonderful hair (40), is an excellent entertainer, extrovert and easy-going. A delicious creature, polyglot, university degree, ready to settle down with a man of her dreams, European preferred, She wants to be the jewel in the crown of her prince, making his life full of joy and happiness in all aspects.

KSA / GCC: A perfect 10. An exceptional beauty, a stunning blonde (29), graceful, feminine and sporty, with a most refreshing, natural behaviour, she very much appreciates the energy and culture of the Mid East. Polyglot, educated, elegant, with high values. Successful and interested to meet her soulmate, preferably Arab. Maturity and class are a must.

DUBAI: The most lovely and cutest business expert, bright and pretty (37), a wonderful refreshing personality, uncomplicated, adventurous, highly educated, polyglot, worldly and she would make a fantastic life companion. Where is her funny, good-hearted, genuine man who loves the outdoors?

DUBAI: Bright, pretty and genuine: Arab-Western mixture (30) from its best: Beautiful, entrepreneural, sensitive. A highly educated, polyglot and fantastic lady with charm and warmth: Current affairs, politics, travel, literature. Ready to establish a wonderful connection with a loyal, conservative gentleman who has a sense of humor.

DUBAI: Just gorgeous! Like a classic Italian beauty (33) with dark, impressive eyes and pale skin. She is smart, very well educated, polyglot with a successful career in finance. A witty, caring, loyal and respectful European lady who is open to meet a gentleman who is handsome with values, a man with respect and a shoulder to lean on.

DUBAI: Cosmopolitan, cool, attractive. A feminine, smart and accomplished lady (50) and personality, elegant, driven and adventurous. European with work experience all over the globe. Travels, music, sports, dinner parties and a cozy home. Wishes to meet her soulmate, a man of character, reliable, courageous, calm and grateful for the small things in life. Happiness and joy should be the goal.

LONDON / SAUDI ARABIA: Oh these fantastic Saudi ladies! She is global-minded, highly educated, beautiful and stunning! (30+) Generous, kind-hearted, cultured, ambitious with a quick wit. Sporty with an adventurous side (canoeing and kayaking). Travels, shopping, reading. Easy going and curious but conservative where necessary. Are you a sophisticated, classy and educated Arab gentleman who would like to meet this wonderful lady?? Get in touch!

DUBAI: Oh these smart and pretty young professionals in the UAE! Are you a decent gentleman with a sweet tooth and read to settle down with this clever lady? Get in touch! She is attractive (30+), holds a top position in Dubai, plays the violin and loves to bake cakes. British, Muslima, happy, honest and loyal, no party scene, spending time with close friends. The beach, travelling, learning Arabic. You cannot ask for more if you are interested in marriage!

DUBAI: Nights in white satin: Beautiful, intelligent and successful (35): A lady with drive and ambition, caring, loyal, honest and straightforward. Two languages. University degree. An energetic person who likes to be on the go. Cosmopolitan mindset. Sports, travels, business. She got style, elegance, sophistication and romantic instinct. Wishes to meet her soulmate to discover the world together.

SAUDI ARABIA: “You departed from my sight and entered my thoughts, travelled from my eyes to my heart”: A very fine and pretty Saudi lady (35): Kind-hearted, compassionate and affectionate, warm, positive and open-minded. Full of energy, flexible and smart.  Money and looks are not on her priority list, but a gentleman with a plan would be the real deal! Adventure is exciting and she is ready to relocate if necessary. She is special and distinguished. Books, travelling, the outdoors, yoga, dancing. Wishes to meet a respectful, educated, independent thinker, a good listener; a gentleman who loves to converse and enjoys life!